The following extra packages may be required on your platform, either to satisfy dependencies or just to complete the filter chain used in some test setup described in papers or on mailing lists. Besides standard packages expected to be found on any Linux/Unix system, that is.

  • The TRE Regex Library (no more included in the CRM114 tarballs), the TRE approximate regex engine. Here's a local tarbz2ball TRE 0.7.5 (md5: e72e5c94008865cf720992a0b25d6e89) of Ville Laurikari's TRE engine. Check his homepage at for latest version. CRM114 can be compiled against other RE engines, eg GNU's which may be already available on your system, but TRE has several key features so that it's become the standard RE for CRM114.
  • Many CRM114 users find a MIME normalizer (to convert obfuscated MIME stuff into readable and tokenizeable text) to be a good thing. There are many around, but we recommend normalizemime. Among other things, it's actively maintained by Jaakko Hyvätti to deal with the latest kinks known by spammers. You do not need normalizemime, but if you want a MIME normalizer, this one is a good one.
  • Some past test involved hard email massaging through strings2
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