Grab A Quick Look at …

  • the CRM114 mailfilter How-To for setting up anti-spam mailfiltering
  • the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for the CRM114 controllable regex mutilator.
  • the quick reference card for the CRM114 language (a language specifically designed to write text filters in).
  • the Language Introduction for the CRM114 controllable regex mutilator.
  • how the sparse binary polynomial hash phrase-based matcher works internally.
  • the current version Release README. This is a version-specific update, and includes info about the mailfilter and other utilities that come with CRM114.
  • the CHANGELOG (well, almost: that's the wiki document, but the actual changelog is the README above)
  • the CRM114 Revealed book (285 pages, but it knows all, tells all - hey, that's a BIG LOOK!).
  • browse the docs/ directory for other documents / formats.
  • check also the Documents, HOWTOs and Books sections …
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