CRM114 is licensed with the Free Software Foundation's GPL version 2 (and the license is included in the source kits).

To summarize and slightly oversimplify:

1) Yes, you can use CRM114 internally in your organization. You don't need to ask permission from anybody. Just do it.

2) Really! It's that simple. No matter how big or how many users or if you modify it- if you keep it inside your organization, it's free, just do it.

3) There is no legal requirement to feed back any patches you make for internal use, lthough feeding back good patches is always considered “neighborly” and means new versions will already contain your improvements.

3b) All patches become the property of the owners/licensees of the respective modules

3c) Even if a patch isn't accepted for mainline, it might still be useful; putting it up on the web for other people to use is still a good thing and is to be encoouraged.

4) You can incorporate CRM114 in a product; you just need to include the source code that YOU used to compile and build the executable that has CRM114 embedded in it, and allow your users to read, modify, and redistribute the CRM114 source code. It doesn't matter if you sell your product or give it away for free; you need to include (either with your product or somewhere easily accessible, say, on a link from your “download” page on your web site) all the source needed to build the CRM114-embedded binary. You don't need to ask permission to do this either. The GPL gives you that right and nobody can take it away.

5) You do NOT need to include any sources that don't build into CRM114-included binaries.(this is a slight simplification- read the GPL for full details)

6) You do NOT need to include any sources of CRM114 programs (that is, written in the CRM114 JIT language), nor any program that talks to the CRM114 engine via files or pipes or command scripts. Those are all yours, to do with as you wish. And (notes one programmer) that's where all the real IP in most systems is in- not the classifier itself, but in how you use it.

7) If you really, really want a private non-GPLed license, please talk to whoever owns license to the module (or modules) you want. They can be done, but they ain't cheap. Generally Bill Yerazunis owns license to all modules, but many modules are dual-licensed to other people as well and you might be able to cut a better deal, get specific improvements, consulting, and suchlike.

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