Other people are using CRM114's language to create useful things. 1) Check 'em out here!

  • X86-64 (all OSes) / MS-Windows Ger Hobbelt has been creating extremely good ports of CRM114 bleeding edge code for X64 platforms (both Linux and Windows), including some bugfixes that haven't made it back to mainline or even bleeding edge yet. You can pull down full kits or patch sets (for both bleeding edge and “release” versions) from Ger's site here: http://hebbut.net/Public.Offerings/index.html#crm114
  • MS-Windows - JesusFreke and Barry Jaspan have created a port of CRM114 to native MS-Windows (a feat of engineering I cannot contemplate without feeling a trembling of the knees). You can get JesusFreke's nice Visual Studio packages here: http://www.jesusfreke.com/crm114/
  • Eudora - Barry Jaspan went on to come up with the design for the fast-cacheing in CRM114's core, and then in a flaunt with the Dark Side, went back to Windows and created the SpamNix Eudora plug-in. If you use Eudora, you should save yourself a lot of integration work and just get SpamNix (~$30) here: www.spamnix.com (yes, Barry does comply with the GPL and all GPLed code in SpamNix has a free download on both Barry's and JesusFreke's sites.)
  • MS-Windows - Louis Bonnet and Nickolay Gurov took JesusFreke's and Barry's forward pass and ran with it; the result is the SpamRIP program which puts a nice Windows visual front end and some extra filtering options as a wrapper for CRM114 in an easy-for-grandma-to-use package. Windows users can get SpamRIP (free) here: http://www.spamrip.com (Louis also uses the Jaspan/JesusFreke open-source Windows port unmodified, so they are also in GPL compliance even though it's not completely open source)
  • Web Browser - Brian Snipes has made a fully GPLed spamfilter kit based on CRM114, including the interface. It's tested on Gentoo Linux, and uses a web-browser interfacing scheme. It's unique in that you can use multiple filter engines and it shows the results in a color-coded grid (by default, it uses CRM114 and SpamAssassin). It looks very pretty.
  • Mozilla - Ruven Gottlieb has a set of Mozilla/Netscape interfaces to make CRM114 a point-and-click operation. Grab it here on Purity-of-Email (P.O.E.) Yes, “P.O.E.” is another Dr. Strangeloveism.
  • Python - Anees Laroia has created a set of Python interfaces to CRM114 for his parents to use, called CRMME (CRM114 Made Easy). Download CRMME-0.1 here
  • Usenet News - Dave Slusher is building a Usenet News filter using the CRM114 capabilities. He's playing with it on Usenet, news stories on Google, TV show listings, all that cool stuff. Check it out at: The CRM114 News Filter
  • Resumes - Simon Vans-Colina has an incredibly nice hack using CRM114 to classify all those CVs and resumes you get for hiring people. You can find the the actual online tool here
  • Procmail - Jaakko Hyvätti has some intersting hacks, including procmail scripts that invoke CRM114 and mailfilter.
  • MBOX servers - John Johnston has taken Mike Chudobiak's scripts and modified it to work with Mbox style servers. You put mis-classified mail into a special folder, and have it auto-retrained. Get more info at http://www.johnjohnston.org/crm114.html
  • Maildrop - Seth Hanford has also set up an autotraining maildrop system- you just put a mis-classified message into the directory, and his script figures out that you need to put it into the other category. You can grab it at http://www.ckure.com/scripts/CRM-retrain.sh.txt.
  • Autoconf'ed version - Joost van Baal has managed to get a fairly functional autoconf version working (so you just type .configure, make, make install in the classic sense). Grab it at: http://mdcc.cx/crm114. However, several Linux™ distros package CRM114 by now, so you'd better off checking there first. Check Hobbelt's above as well.
  • Alias retraining - Radoslaw Szkodzinski has written a set of scripts in Python for keeping the messages in MySQL database for learning. Training is done by replying to a badly classified message and sending the reply to an e-mail alias. This uses the RFC-2822 message-IDs, so post-filter mutilation won't hurt your filtering accuracy. Download it at http://puszkin.org/crmsuite-0.7.tar.bz2 , the PGP signature is here
  • CAMRAM - Eric Johansson combined sender-pays, traffic tracking (friends) automatic white lists, and CRM114 into a low-user-overhead add-on for Postfix called CAMRAM.
  • LUA - Fidelis Assis has a bunch of new, or at least improved mailfiltering tools for CRM114 users. There's a whole menu of them at the CRM114 Luapage.
  • xmessage - Simple/sample TOE front-end via xmessage(1) filtro_crm.sh
  • minimal CSSutil for hyperspace's C.S.S. file format, in crm hyputil.crm

browse the directory for some of the above (or other) stuff we keep local copy of
1) I am not the author of these things; bug reports should go to the respective authors. Please do let me know if the links need updating – Bill Yerazunis
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