CRM114 Consultants

If you have a CRM114-related task that can't be solved easily on the mailing list, and you want to hire someone to “take care of it” for you, the following people have claimed to have appropriate knowledge and talents.

(Note- this is not an endorsement by anybody of these consultants. Posting here is by request, not by judgement – Bill Yerazunis)

  • Joe Langeway - knows all aspects of the CRM114 engine. Joe owns a dual license on FSCM, the document clumper ( CLUMP/PMULC ), and Neural Net classifier modules. Contact Joe by email at JoeLangeway at acm dot org or his website at
  • Ger Hobbelt - specializes in porting CRM114 to 64-bit systems and Windows. Contact Ger at ger at hobbelt dot com, (there will soon be a website at
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