• Jonathan Zdziarski (who is also the author of the excellent DSPAM spam filter ) has written an excellent book: ENDING SPAM. This is a paper book; but it's one of the better books on the details of spam and spam filtering I have seen. It even gets many of the CRM114 internals close to right. :-). Here's another review.: Ending Spam . You can get Jon's book via O'Reilly or No Starch Press
  • Robert Haskins and Dale Nielsen have written Slamming Spam: A Guide for System Administrators . This book also has sections on CRM114. You can get it here: Slamming Spam

Of the two books, I (wsy) recommend both enthusiastically; I'd say if you're more of a “I need to have deep knowledge of how does this actually work” person, go with Zdziarski first and askins/Nielsen second, and if you're more into “I'm a sysadmin, how do I hook this up in my server room”, go with Haskins/Nielsen first and Zdziarski second. The two books overlap about 50%, so it's worth reading both of them. Of course, that's just my (wsy) opinion, for what it's worth.

And of course the official guide:

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