Current crm114 in mainline has (serious) issues on 64bit systems, but these have been (mostly?) addressed in GerH's version. So here's one users' working recipe, freshly from the ML. Keep in mind though that CSSfiles are not, in general, 32↔64 bits portable, and also that GerH's may be incompatible with mainline's. Check the docs and the ML before doing something dangerous.

Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:47:35 +0200 (CEST)
From: Thomas Spahni <tsp@xxx>
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Re: [Crm114-general] Mixed 64-bit system GerH binaries / BillYscripts

On Thu, 28 Aug 2008, Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski wrote:


Hi Dominik

There's no black magic. You basically do the following steps:

1. Get tre-0.7.5 (Gerrit Hobbelt's patched version) from

  Compile and install (don't forget to --enable-static)

2. Get crm114-20080502-BlameJason-Ger-2423.src.tar.bz2 from

of course, you may want to get latest
  and compile/install according instructions.
  This provides 64-bit capable binaries in /usr/local/bin
  or whereever you told configure to install binaries.
3. Get Bill's scripts
  wget -m -np
  and place those in a different directory.
  No need to compile or install those.
4. Create your production directory. Copy Bill's scripts (those you need
  like mailreaver.crm, mailtrainer.crm, shuffle.crm, maillib.crm,
  mailfilter.crm) and, blacklist.mfp  priolist.mfp
  rewrites.mfp, whitelist.mfp to your production directory.

5. Make sure that the bang-lines in your scripts point to the
  binaries created in step 2.

6. Edit and all *.mfp configuration files to your taste.
  Follow Bill's configuration instructions. Make sure that when you
  create your *.css files that binaries from step 2 are run.

  That's it! Have fun.

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