Date: Sat, 3 May 2008 16:22:19 +0200 
From: Uwe Scholz <turboscholz@xxx>
Subject: daily email statistics
Message-ID: <20080503142219.GA4791@uwe-desktop>

Hello Paolo,

today I've made some changes to my daily mail summary script. Now it is
possible to chose, if the summary of mails is sorted by date of
incomming or by spam possibility. For this purpose, I had to include two
new files (scan.spam_dat and scan.spam_pos) and delete an old

I'm still using 20041231.BlameSanAndreas (TRE 0.7.5 (LGPL)), because
crm maintainers from gentoo didn't mark later version of 64bit-crm as  
stable till now. So I don't know, if this script works with later
versions, too.

What I want to say is, that I changed the files on my
university-directory. Now, there is only one archive to all the script

I have also included your comments from
into the README.txt. So I think, you can delete the page entry and just
insert a small link to the archive above with a short explanation or
so. In this way it is easier for me to update the script as fast as
possible on my web-directory.

Thanks in advance 

sorry for delay; also, Uwe's mailserver is refusing mail mails… – p